Alabama Tax Rebate: 1.35 Million Special $150 Tax Refunds: What to Do If You Haven’t Received Yours?

Alabama has recently introduced a special financial initiative in its tax policy. Eligible residents will receive a one-time tax rebate of $150, aiming to provide much-needed financial relief during economic hardships. This tax rebate has been primarily designed to offer financial assistance to the people of Alabama.

In addition to addressing the rising costs in sectors like healthcare, education, and basic living expenses, this rebate has an additional benefit for the state’s economy. By putting extra money directly into the hands of residents, Alabama aims to stimulate spending, thereby supporting local businesses and fostering overall economic growth.

Introduction to the Alabama Tax Rebate Initiative

In a move to provide economic relief and stimulate local business growth, Alabama has rolled out a one-time $150 tax rebate for eligible residents. This initiative is a strategic response to the financial strains faced by Alabamians due to escalating costs in healthcare, education, and basic living necessities. The tax rebate is not just a financial aid to the citizens but also a catalyst for boosting the state’s economy by increasing consumer spending.

Eligibility Criteria for the Tax Rebate

To qualify for the $150 tax rebate, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Timely Tax Return Filing: Filing of state tax returns for the designated tax year, such as 2021, is mandatory. The submission must be done by a predetermined deadline to be eligible for the rebate.
  • Residency Requirement: The applicant must be a legal resident of Alabama for the tax year in question.
  • No Income Limitation: Interestingly, this rebate program does not impose any income level restrictions, making it accessible to a broader range of taxpayers.

Alabama Tax Rebate

Distribution Mechanism of the Rebate?

The Alabama Department of Revenue has adopted a streamlined approach to distribute the rebates, which commenced on December 1. The distribution is carried out through two primary channels:

  • Direct Bank Deposit: For individuals who received their 2021 tax refunds through direct deposit, the rebate will be credited to the same bank account.
  • Paper Checks: Taxpayers who did not opt for direct deposit or have updated their banking details will receive their rebates via mailed paper checks.

Exclusions in the Rebate Program

While the program aims to be inclusive, certain groups are excluded from receiving the rebate:

  • Non-filers of 2021 Tax Return: Those who didn’t file a tax return for the year 2021 by the October 17, 2022, deadline.
  • Late Filers: Individuals filing their 2021 tax returns post the stipulated deadline.
  • Dependents: If an individual was claimed as a dependent on someone else’s 2021 tax return, they are ineligible.
  • Part-Year or Non-Residents: Those who were not full-year residents of Alabama in 2021.
  • Specific Tax Situations: Individuals with tax disqualifications such as owing back taxes or having other government debts.
  • Outdated Bank Information: Rebate delays or non-receipt might occur for those with incorrect bank details that were not updated in time.

What to Do if You Haven’t Received Your Rebate

If you believe you are eligible but haven’t received your rebate, you can reach out for assistance:

  • Phone Inquiry: Contact the Alabama Department of Revenue at 334-242-1170 for direct assistance.
  • Online Support: Visit the official website for further guidance and support.

Suppose you have not received the $150 Tax Rebate despite being eligible. In that case, you can submit your queries about the payment or eligibility via phone at 334-242-1170 or by visiting the official website.


The $150 tax rebate is a significant step by the Alabama government to ease the financial burden on its residents and invigorate the local economy. By understanding the eligibility criteria, distribution methods, and exclusion factors, taxpayers can efficiently navigate this initiative.

Is Alabama receiving a tax rebate check?

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey announced on Wednesday that one-time tax rebates, as authorized in her 2023 budget, are currently being sent to 1.9 million Alabama tax filers. Since December 1, the official start date mandated by law, officials have been working tirelessly to process these one-time tax rebates.

What is the new tax law in Alabama?

Alabama has passed a law that exempts overtime compensation from state income tax. This new law will only be applicable to income received on or after January 1, 2024, through June 29, 2025.

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