IRS Debunks Rumor of Fourth Stimulus Check Coming in December

a Facebook post (direct link, archive link) claims that millions of people in states across the country can expect to receive extra money in their bank accounts in the coming weeks irs stimulus checks, Check.

“If your account information is on file with the IRS, you will automatically get your money deposited into the account they have on file,” the post claims. “If you received a paper check For your tax refund this year, you will get your stimulus. So if you moved & they don’t have a new address that’s your business.”

The post goes on to detail that payments will range from $500 to $2,000, depending on the state, citing its sources as “google & IRS,” the Associated Press reported.

In an email, IRS spokesperson Anthony Burke confirmed that no fourth round of Economic Impact Payments has been authorized. The most recent round of stimulus checks was part of the American Rescue plan, a nearly $2 trillion stimulus package signed into law by President Biden in 2021, Burke added.

irs stimulus checks

Taxpayers with information on file with the IRS will automatically receive a payment between $500 and $3,284 The post garnered almost 100 shares within five days. A different version of the assertion was shared over 100 times before it was taken down irs stimulus checks. 

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The IRS has stated that the Treasury Department will not be issuing a fourth round of stimulus checks. While some states mentioned in the post are providing rebates to eligible taxpayers, these are not stimulus checks and do not match the figures listed in the post.

State tax rebates are not equivalent to stimulus checks.

According to the Treasury Department’s website, the federal government only distributed three rounds of stimulus checks during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the last round being issued in March 2021.

An IRS spokesperson, who chose to remain anonymous, confirmed, “There is no fourth round of Economic Impact Payments from the Treasury Department.”

Representatives from the various states mentioned in the post have also refuted the claim.

Kathleen Jacob, a spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Revenue, stated, “The agency has no plans to issue stimulus checks in November 2023.

The Arizona Department of Revenue issued rebates to nearly 750,000 taxpayers who claimed the state’s tax credits for dependents on their 2021 tax return, as reported by the Arizona Republic. The state had a deadline of November 15 to issue the rebates. ????????

Are we getting a $1400 check from the government?

On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act, which includes a third round of stimulus checks. The payments are an advance of a temporary credit for 2021 (which you file taxes for in 2022). The payment is worth up to $1,400 for each eligible adult and each qualifying dependent in a household.

Is there a stimulus check coming from the IRS?

The federal government is not releasing another round of stimulus money, the Internal Revenue Service confirmed. The IRS issued three rounds of such payments during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. The last one went out nationwide nearly two years ago irs stimulus checks.

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