Medical Coding Services: & Audit Services, Job, Accuracy, Efficiency?

Medical coding is the process of application of universal alphanumeric codes to the healthcare services rendered i.e., medical diagnosis, procedures, services, and equipment provided. A patient’s medical record i.e., documents such as physician’s notes, laboratory reports, and services lists, are used by a medical coder to ascribe the diagnosis and procedure codes. The process of medical coding involves abstraction of the medical information from the available documentation, assigning the right diagnosis & procedure codes, and enabling the process of creation of a claim to be submitted to payers services, certification, eclat health solutions, medical coding means, medical coding and billing

Ccurate Medical Coding can reduce Claim Denials.

High-quality medical coding is critical for accurate reimbursements. Medical Coding errors can be costly and result in claim denials, besides creating unwarranted compliance issues, which could be even more expensive. 

 eclat health solutions

Medical Billing Wholesalers employs a team of AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) certified medical coders and AHIMA certified medical coders. Armed with certifications such as CPC (Certified Professional Coders) & its variants such as CPC-H/CPC-I) and CCS (Certified Coding Specialist), our team can ensure the highest level of accuracy in medical coding. 

Medical Billing Wholesalers provides the following medical coding services:
  • ICD-10-PM, CPT, HCPCS coding, and ICD-10-PCS coding

  • Chart Audits and Code Reviews

  • HCC coding

  • Offshore coding audits

  • Payer specific coding requirements

We perform Medical coding as per available clinical documentation in line with the processes defined by our customers through detailed work instructions. The work performed by a medical coder is Medical coding is performed as per available clinical documentation in line with the processes defined by our customers through detailed work instructions. The work performed by a medical coder is reviewed by a knowledgeable coding auditor who has the requisite experience and certification. We guarantee the industry’s best service levels for coding accuracy and turnaround time.

Medical Coding Audit Services

While we audit all the coding work entrusted to us, our clients often reach out to us to perform a medical billing audit of the coding done by their team members in the US. Our experienced medical billing auditors improve consistency with laid-down procedures and eliminate the risk of coding errors.

Coding Denial Management

Our coding team also performs coding-related denial analysis, code corrections and resubmits the claims back to payers to improve reimbursements. 

Coding Training Process

We have a very comprehensive coding training process. Each coder deployed on the customer account is thoroughly trained and goes through ongoing refresher training. Our Coding training process includes:

  • The hiring of coders with experience or fresh graduates from Life Science Background

  • Foundation Training on Revenue Cycle Fundamentals

  • Customer Specific Coding Process Training 

  • On-the-job training based on the quality of coding delivered and individual-specific feedback.

  • Certification training for non-certified coders


High Paying Medical Coder Jobs

  • Coding Director. Salary range: $60,000-$103,500 per year
  • Coding Manager. Salary range: $65,000-$99,500 per year
  • MedicalCoding Manager. Salary range: $60,000-$94,000 per year
  • Coding Compliance Specialist
  • Remote Inpatient Coder
  • Physician Coder
  • Inpatient Coder
  • MedicalCoding Auditor

Benefits of our Medical Coding Services 

Did you know that medical practices bleed as much as 15% of their annual revenue due to errors in medicalcoding processes or on account of Discharges not Fully Billed? Trust Medical Billing Services’ Coding team to run your coding processes efficiently and effectively.

Our coding team provides you the following benefits:

  • Ensure ICD-10 compliance

  • Reduce AR backlogs with an improved first-pass rate

  • The decrease in DNFB cases and improved revenue

  • Improve clinical documentation at a provider as well as facility level

  • Improve responsiveness and timely filing of claims through our global delivery model

  • Consistent and reliable reporting of clinical data 

  • Get access to a certified labor pool

10 Companies Offering Remote Medical Coding Jobs

 Companies needing remote medical coders are looking for people to categorize medical diagnoses, services, procedures, and supplies by code for healthcare billing purposes. These organizations include some of the nation’s largest healthcare companies as well as smaller groups that are more focused on IT solutions. 

To qualify for a medicalcoding job, you’ll need a special certification, and you may need an associate or bachelor’s degree in a health-related field as well. Among the credentials that may be required for medical coders are:

  • RHIA: Registered Health Information Administrator (requires a four-year degree)
  • RHIT: Registered Health Information Technician (requires a two-year degree)
  • CCS: Certified Coding Specialist
  • CCS-P: Certified Coding Specialist, Physician-Based
  • CPC: Certified Professional Coder
  • CPC-H: Certified Professional Coder, Hospital-Based

The two main professional organizations that train and certify medical coders are the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Once you’re certified, you can look at the companies listed below to find a job working from home in medicalcoding.


Aviacode is a company that provides medical coding and auditing services to physician groups, facilities, surgical centers, and payors. The company offers several part-time and full-time medical coding jobs for different types of health care providers, including dentists, inpatient facilities, primary care specialists, hospitals, and more. 

Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare (formerly Altegra Health) is an independent health care IT company that provides software, analytics, network solutions, and technology-enabled services. The type of remote medical coding positions that this company offers range from part-time coders across specialties such as radiology to senior auditors who supervise and review coding work.

The Coding Network

The Coding Network provides medical coding and quality assurance services to health care providers. The company offers remote coding jobs in a number of medical specialties. You must have a minimum of three years of experience to apply for a medical coder job and five years of experience in a specialty area to apply for a coding auditor position. 

Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer Health Solutions provides several managed services to health care facilities, mainly focusing on the financial and patient communication aspects of health care. They offer work-from-home medical coding and quality assurance positions that usually require 3–5 years of professional medical coding experience. 

Himagine Solutions

This health care information management company hires remote medical coders who live in a number of cities throughout the U.S., including Atlanta, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Detroit, San Francisco, and Charlotte.


Humana is a large health insurance provider that offers many work-at-home positions, from medical coding and coding educators to case managers, and beyond. Its remote coding jobs may require occasional travel to the company’s Louisville, Kentucky, headquarters.


iMedX is a provider of health information and clinical documentation. The company employs home-based medical coding specialists as independent contractors and full-time or part-time employees who have a certification and at least three years of relevant coding experience. 

Maxim Healthcare Services

This company offers many services related to health care, including health information management services, which include medical coding, auditing, and clinical documentation improvement services. Candidates for its remote medical coding jobs must have certification and at least three years of experience relevant to the specialty of each position.


This healthcare information management outsourcing company hires medical coders, transcriptionists, quality assurance specialists, registrars, and auditors to work from home. Coders must have an active certification and at least two years of relevant, hands-on experience. 

UnitedHealth Group

Health care giant UnitedHealth Group offers several remote opportunities related to medicalcoding, including coding educators, coding consultants, and quality assurance coders. Candidate requirements depend on the type of job you’re applying for, but most require some level of certification and experience. 

Medical Billing and Coding as Hard as it Seems?

The demand for healthcare is growing rapidly, along with the need for health professionals at every corner of the field. From nurses to physicians, radiologists to medical coders, employment of these professionals is booming across the board. At the same time, we know that these can be complex careers, with their own demands. Healthcare professionals must help care for complicated human conditions and administer advanced treatments. Even those who do not work with patients directly – such as medical billers and coders – have pressures and stressors on the job.

Right now you may be wondering, “Is medical billing and coding hard?” You may desire an impactful career on the administrative side of the healthcare field, and medical coding fits the bill perfectly. Yet at the same time, you may be intimidated by what the job entails. This is normal. After all, medical billers and coders work with data every day.

What Do Medical Billers and Coders Do?

Medical coders are responsible for collecting data from patient records, and translating it into a universal, alphanumeric code that will be used by other medical professionals and systems. Medical billers then use these codes to create insurance claims, and ensure providers get reimbursed for their healthcare services. eclat health solutions You can learn more about the field here. 

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medical coding services

What does a medical coder do?

Medical coders are individuals responsible for translating physicians’ reports into useful medical codes. These professionals work behind the scenes in a variety of settings, ensuring all pertinent information is coded appropriately to ensure consistency and accuracy

Is medical coding a stressful job?

Medical billing can be a stressful job for some. The deadlines and pacing of the work does require some getting used to, but it is not overwhelming or excessive

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