Is NoBroker Apartment Rental App Reliable? – An Honest Review

The search for a new apartment is like a beast with a thousand tentacles. Every dead-end lead and shady dealer you meet drains your hope. Because of this, when the self-proclaimed “broker-free” apartment rental app, NoBroker, showed up on my phone and said everything would be fine, I was naturally suspicious. Is it really true? No more slimy handshakes, enormous fees, and boring papers, please. I threw caution to the wind and put my deposit down to try out NoBroker. 

NoBroker Apartment Rental App – First Impressions

The apartment rental app looked good and was easy to use. Think of it as Tinder for flats but without the weird swiping. I narrowed my search by price range, location, and features, and presto! There were a lot of apartments listed, and each one had high-resolution photos and thorough descriptions. There were no more grainy, poorly lit pictures of shady homes that traditional brokers love to torture you with. This is what makes it one of the best apartment rental apps. 

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Screenshot 20240125 182839 Docs

Virtual Tours are Impressive!

A notable aspect that set NoBroker’s apps to find apartments apart was its incorporation of virtual tours. This innovative feature allowed me to explore properties from the comfort of my current residence. The immersive virtual experience provided a realistic preview, helping me shortlist properties more efficiently. It was like having an open house at my fingertips.

Property Viewing

It was hit or miss with the viewings themselves. On the plus side, I didn’t have to deal with “bait-and-switch” apartments that looked nothing like their internet avatars. Of course, some owners who were used to working with real estate agents were wary of this “app-driven” tenant at first. The NoBroker apartment renting app helped ease the tension by being a link between the internet world and the landlords’ world. 

The Ease of Sealing the Deal

When I finally found “the one,” the “paperless lease” option shocked me once more. There were no longer piles of dusty papers and handwriting that couldn’t be read. Everything was stored online and could be accessed with just a click. Paying rent was also a breeze; it was safe and transparent. There’s no need to rush to get cash or worry about sketchy bank payments. This is why it’s the best app to look for apartments for me. 

Apartment Rental App in India – Areas of Improvement

1. Limited Customer Support

One aspect that left me wanting more was the customer support. The available channels for assistance seemed limited, and response times were not as prompt as I had hoped. A more robust customer support system could elevate the overall user experience.

2. Minor Glitches

Occasional glitches in the app’s performance were a minor hiccup. While they didn’t significantly impede my progress, the seamless experience I initially encountered was intermittently disrupted. A more stable and bug-free application would undoubtedly enhance user satisfaction.

My Experience with NoBroker Apartment Rental App

On the whole, NoBroker kept its word. It kept me from having to spend a lot of money, time, and mental pain. Yes, it’s not a complete fairy tale—you still have to do some work. There are, however, times when NoBroker feels like a bumpy bus ride through the back alleys of real estate purgatory and times when it feels like a first-class trip on a private jet. 

Do I think it’s good? Of course. Always keep in mind that a healthy dose of doubt and personal study never hurt anyone. But if you’re sick of the rent-a-flat game, try the NoBroker apartment list app. You might be happily surprised, and before you know it, you’ll be living in your dream apartment.  


If you’re in search of the best home rental app, NoBroker is the one for you. Additionally, if you’re wondering how much it costs, charges a small processing fee for rents that go through. Their claim that they are “broker-free” might make this seem strange, but it’s still a lot less expensive than the usual one-month trading fee. Also, I think the small price is worth it for the ease of use and lack of paper. I hope this honest report helps you find an apartment in this confusing process. Stay safe, don’t go crazy, and enjoy your new home!

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