1. The winners of this year's prizes will be announced daily from Monday, October 2 through October 9.

2. we have only made one correct prediction in the past

3. That was in 2013 when Peter Higgs and François  Englert bagged the prize for their prediction of the Higgs mechanism  

4. Sharpless was awarded his first Nobel Prize in 2001, “for his work on chirally catalyzed oxidation reactions.”

5. Bertozzi, the 8th woman to win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts

6. he prize committees say their decisions are based on scientific merit, not gender, nationality or race. However, they are not deaf to the criticism

7. The Nobel Prizes project an aura of being above the political fray, focused solely on the benefit of humanity

The Nobel Prizes were created by Alfred Nobel, a 19th-century businessman and chemist from Sweden...